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Welcome to FRIEDA Jewelry + Design, where craftsmanship and artistry meet in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our mission is to create timeless treasures that reflect your unique style and journey.

Starting with raw gold and silver, we precisely cut, form, solder, texturize, sand, and polish each piece. The result? Beautifully crafted jewelry that goes beyond mere accessories.


FRIEDA Jewelry + Design was born out of the desire to create beautiful legacy pieces out of quality materials that can last a lifetime. Each creation celebrates timeless moments, fosters enduring bonds, and symbolizes deep connection.

Minimalist Design

Our jewelry is designed with a minimalist aesthetic and intended for everyday wear with the ability to layer up or keep it classic and simple.


There are few physical items as special as a piece of jewelry that represents a milestone or has been gifted from a loved one. We believe in intentional jewelry that holds meaning...forever sparking memories of a specific time, place, milestone or loved one.

Meaning and Connection

"I'm pretty picky when it comes to adorning myself. I choose to wear jewelry that has meaning and connection...Wearing FRIEDA Jewelry will allways meet my criteria"


It is exactly what I envisioned

"You did an amazing job on this the ring, it is exactly what I envisioned. Thank you so much.