My Oma Elfriede was a force.  She was fiercely independent and never afraid to share her thoughts. Something else she shared was her jewelry. While growing up, I was very fortunate to receive many pieces of jewelry from my Oma, mother and aunts. Each piece in this cherished collection holds a story or memory of the person who gifted it to me.

The name FRIEDA honours my Oma and represents all the strong women in my family.  Gifting or passing down jewelry is a tradition that is so special to me and one that I look forward to continuing with my daughters. 


About Me

As an architect I have always had a love of art and design.  I am accustom to working on large scale design projects and wanted to put my passions and skills to use in a more personal way. I wanted to connect with people over their love of jewelry, stories about their most cherished pieces, and upcoming milestones that FRIEDA Jewelry is fortunate enough to be a small part of.  

FRIEDA Jewelry allows me to meld my love of human connection with my passion for quality materials and minimalist design. 

Using materials such as sterling silver and solid gold, our pieces are designed to last and intended for you to gift or pass down to your loved ones.